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CAE Analysis Engineering

CFD Analysis

• Vehicle Aerodynamic Optimization and Under Hood Thermal
Performance Improvement
• Vehicle Air Conditioning and Thermal Comfort Optimization
• Vehicle Defroster Box Improvement
• Vehicle Windshield De-Icing Performance Improvement
• Vehicle Fuel Tank Filling and Sloshing Improvement
• Engine Air Intake and Exhaust Systems Optimization
• Engine Intake and Exhaust Manifolds Optimization
• Engine Cooling Systems Improvement
• Engine Thermal (Metal Temperatures) System Improvement
• Engine Combustion Performans Improvement
• Engine Lubrication System Improvement
• Engine Gear Oil Pump Evaluation
• Cooker Combustion Simulations
• Centrifuge Pump Improvement
• Electronic Device Cooling Optimization
• Refrigerator Cooling Performance Optimization
• Marine Vehicles Design Improvement

Structural Analysis

• Linear and Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis
• FE Model Development
• Material Failure Characterization for FEA
• Verification of FE Models
• Validations of Models Thru Correlated Test Results
• Classical Methods and Hand Calculation
• Static and Dynamic Strength
• Methods Development
• Fatigue And Damage Tolerance
• Implicit and Explicit Ls-Dyna Analysis