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Model and Rapid Prototype Services

In Contemproary Design and Engineering approaches, the need to produce a visual and functional similarity of the final product with rapid prototyping has become inevitable.

With this rapid prototype model produced, the test process can be carried out, demostrative parts can be produced enough to be shown at the fairs, and the senior management and customers are met.

We have great experience rapid prototype techniques and have open our prototype production facility on February 2022, at Frankfurt / Germany.

*Having SLS Machine , production size 340x340x620mm, SLS technique for PA powder .
*Having FDM Machines ,production size 380x380x420mm, FDM technique for ABS,ASA,PC,PA,PA CF, PEEK,PEKK,ULTEM…etc.
*We have also know-how SLA,silicon molding and CNC production techniques and support our customer all these techniques.

Model and Rapid Prototype Samples

Silicon Molding ;
-Front Grill
-Lamp Covers
-Handles …etc.

PA Powder SW

System Production
(Plastics, Metal Carcas, Paint, Chrome and Leather)

PEEK Parts

ABS Parts

PA with Painted

System Production