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Product Development System

The drafts created on paper or in computer environment during the concept determination phase are modeled in 3D with computer-aided design in real dimensions and with all details.

During modeling, we create the geometry we want by using solid modeling when necessary, surface modeling when necessary or both techniques.

On the other hand, we develop mechanical systems that work in accordance with the conditions of use by controlling the assembly analysis, working scenarios, conflicts and strengths of mechanical systems consisting of many elements that will work with each other by simulation methods and design iterations.

The topics that need to be clarified at the mechanical design stage are:

-Manufacturability, production method
-Measurements, tolerances
-Terms of use
-Physical loads
-Serviceability (Hand or Tool use)
-Product printing quantity
-Cost of production
-Packaging conditions
-Branding and logo placement
-Legal/Commercial restrictions
-Product life cycle duration

Engineering Approach

De-Compensation (Gap&Flushes)

Critical Section Study

Mounting Setup

Material Choice

Moulding Feasibility

Detailed BOM list