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We succeed together produce the best solution for your company...

inovaPlus is an engineering partner to the automotive , aviation ,defence and R&D industry providing complete solutions for product development projects.

Our assets:

A team of skilled and experienced engineers and technical experts specializing in project management , profession of CAD/CAE tools also know-how of engineering plastics, composite materials, prototype making techniques and moulding feasibility.

Main strengths and advantages

Development integration ;
– 12 Dedicated Technical Persons.
– Integration of Cad,Cae ,RE and Prototype
– Resident Engineer Support
– Design led by functionality
– Strong presence

Inovaplus have been providing a broad array of engineering services for clients along the entire value chain of vehicle development. Automotive, household and packaging sector specialists from various disciplines support our clients’ projects right on site, contributing substantially to the process of taking a product from concept to assembly-line manufacture.

Become solution partner in the fields of engineering , product design and research development activities in automotive, household appliances and packaging industry.

Evaluation of production opportunities will emerge in parallel with developments in the sector and to be able to serve the next generation with the support of design activities in innovative technology.

Innovation, Customer orientation, Flexibility, Sustainability, Team Spirit and Efficacy are our CORE VALUES that guide us in all our activities and decisions.

HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY is to establish a personnel profile that is loyal to the corporation, internalizes corporate principles, acts as a team member, concerns himself/herself and adopts high quality service as the major principle.